Thursday, 5 March 2015


Ever since becoming a mom, my daily essential is all about quick, efficient; in another word; a capsule of everything is how I live these days.

Today, I would like to invite you to take a look at what I keep inside my Ergo Baby Carrier front pouch.  The Ergo baby carrier that I use is from the Original Collection, I do like it and all the features that go with it.

I like the front pouch that comes with as it makes life very convenience.  I always make sure I keep the following items:

A bib and a muslin cloth - it's great when your LO (little one) is (always) dribbling and when you are feeding, you can just take a bib out so quickly from the pouch.

Wet wipes and sanitising gel - these are just great to sanitise mommy's hands any time.  Taking care of baby is also about hygiene, too.  You just don't want to pass on any unnecessary dirt from your hands to his mouth.  The wet wipes are just great if you want to wipe clean your LO's hands.  Mine is a little obsessive thumb sucker so I'm constantly (regularly) cleaning his hands whenever it's possible.

House Keys and Cardholder/ Purse - My purse for keeping in the pouch is a very simple one and it comes in a cardholder form - I can keep my absolute necessary cards, some cash and coins which I can use and dig into handy.  House Keys are great to keep  in the pouch for easy access when you leave and go back home!  You don't want to be standing in front of your house door searching for your keys, do you?

Lipgloss - Now, this is a vitally important item, and the only beauty item I keep here, handy.  This lipgloss by Laura Mercier is just great, an easy pink that goes with any makeup look that you might be wearing that day.  There's no need to change it up, it's just there for any day time occasions - PERFECT!

Do you use an Ergo carrier?  Or is the baby carrier that you are currently loving one that with a pouch that you also keep a few things or two in there?  I want to know!

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