Monday, 30 March 2015


Living in Hong Kong, plus living with a little one; means that I have to compromise with spacious living style.  I have to be clever about storage spaces and ideas.  Thanks to Munchkin Diaper Change Organiser, it has made things tidier and more convenient for me.

This hanging organiser has 8 compartments which you can put all things baby related in.  The idea is for you to hang it by the side or the end of your nappy changing unit.  In my case, I don't quite have the luxury to have a separate nappy changing table so I hang this on my little one's cot, underneath his changing board.

I love the compartment where I can put almost 50 pieces of nappies in, so that I don't need to worry about it at least for a whole week before starting to refill them (again).  Other compartments I put stuff that I need to reach for daily for my little one, such as body cream, baby wipes, cotton pads, nasal spray, sudocream, etc.  

The only downside is that even though the material is quite sturdy, if you put too much or too heavy stuff in each compartment, they tend to weigh the whole unit up and hence it looks like it's about to collapse.  So I am cautious with how much stuff I 'stuff' in this organiser.

How do you organise your nappy changing station?  Are you using a better system?  Please share!

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