Saturday, 4 April 2015


Happy Easter holiday, wherever you are!

I often like to make an extra effort to wear a nice nail polish in the holiday seasons.  I mean, why not?  Any excuse to dress up or add those extra finishing touches to my outfits, I say welcome!

The weather is getting very warm here in Hong Kong, these days temperature gets up to 28c!  So, for me this is summer already (but lots of people say this isn't quite summer yet, the worst is yet to come!).

Anyway, I'm more drawn to some bright and statement colours recently.  As I don't (and I can't) wear any statement necklaces anymore, with a little one to take care of it is dangerous.  So I turn my thoughts to some bright nail colours to go with my normally plain outfits these days.

This bright neon pink is PERFECT for this occasion then.  I discovered this brand called Bisous (A Korean brand) from Sasa (equivalent to Sephora), and this neon pink colour totally stood out for me from the crowd amongst other nail colours.

I love that this is just the right shade of neon pink that it is bright enough to look flattering on my hands.  Although the applicator isn't the best one, the brush is slightly too thick for me liking so if you have little nails like me, it can be a bit messy when applying.  2 coats is pretty adequate to get an opaque finish, and it dries rather quickly, together with my beloved Seche Vite top coat.  If you want to try out this type of neon colour but is a little afraid of how bright it is on the nails, perhaps applying it on your toenails is a way to show your love to colours and the warm weather?

I'm definitely going back to check out to see what other colours they have got on offer, also I want to see if I can find other neon colours, too.

Happy holiday season and happy applying nail polishes!

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