Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Shiseido Makeup Workshop

Hello hello from a Shisedio Makeup Workshop that my friend Eva kindly invited to in the past Saturday.  

I have never been to any makeup workshops before so I didn't know what to expect so it was rather exciting for me when this day came!

The workshop was a 2-hour long class, took place at Shiseido Beauty Centre in Hong Kong.  What's even better was that the workshop was totally free-of-charge!  Hooray!  Thanks Eva for bringing me along, as she's a member with Shiseido so the workshop is free.

As I walked into the classroom, it was already set up properly and we chose our seats in the first row - of course!  On the table, my eyes were welcomed by many Shisedo skincare products and beautiful makeup.

I knew I was in for a real girly treat, and was getting rather excited!

When the class began, the beauty consultants gave us a full picture of what the class would involve, from skincare, to use of makeup and how to apply makeup.  The class was delivered really clearly and rather informative; especially about the skincare routine which I learnt so much!

Of course we got to sample all the products!  This was great for me as I'm not a regular to Shiseido makeup and skincare so it was good to try out so many things in one go.

The main theme of the makeup workshop yesterday was to introduce us to the new Spring makeup range, from pre-makeup base products, to foundation, eye shadow to lipsticks.

These are the makeup badboys I picked:

Pre-makeup Base: Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild SPF30 PA+++
Concealer: MAQuillAGE Concealer Stick EX SPF25 PA+++
Foundation: MAQuillAGE True Liquid Moisture UV SPF25 PA +++
Eyebrow: MAQuillAGE Double Brow Creator (Pencil)
Eyeshadow: MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow
Mascara: MAQuillAGE Full Vision Mascara (Volume Impact) #BK970
Blusher: MAQuillAGE True Cheek
Lipstick: Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO

And this is the final look - pretty natural which I like and think would suit the coming Spring season.

Before we left, each of us was given a set of complimentary skincare products to take home.  They are the new IBUKI line, which we sampled during the class.

I enjoyed the workshop so much, it was a real fun way to spend a girly afternoon!  There is also a show room area in the beauty centre and of course I didn't miss out on the opportunity to check out all the makeup and skincare products!

One of the surprises that I also learnt about Shiseido is that they do confectionary, too!   I didn't know this!

I'm definitely going to visit a Shiseido counter in the near future to pick up a couple of beauty bits in order to become a member with Shiseido!

Have you been to any makeup workshops before?  What was it like for you?

Shiseido Beauty Centre is situated at 7/F Phase I, China Taiping Tower, 8 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong/  香港銅鑼灣新寧道八號中國太平大廈一期七樓.

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