Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What's been emptied #2? February Edition

I love it when I finished using some of my beauty products - it feels like I have not wasted any of my money; especially things that I have enjoyed using.  In the recent months I have accumulated four items that I have finished using up and they are things that I would recommend and repurchase in future.

The two mascaras that have become my staple combinations while they last:

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length Effect Fibers (Waterproof) £10.99 - I think that for what it is it's worth the price tag although at first I did think it was a little bit expensive for a drugstore mascara.  This works particularly well on two things: lengthening and curling of your lashes.  It doesn't hold my curls that well but I still haven't tried one that would hold it exceedingly well and I think I've only got my own lashes to blame on.  The plastic wand has 4 sides to it: 2 flat sides which do not have any bristles sticking out from, then two sides which have got the fibre bristles.  I normally apply this mascara from the flat side first which seem to curl up my lashes rather well.  I often go overboard with the application of mascara so I put on at least 3 coats.  The only down side about this mascara is just like any other mascaras that I have tried, they do smudge on me half way through my day but it's not a severe one so all in all, I'm really pleased about this mascara.

My other mascara in the combo is by Ellis Faas.  Ellis Faas is famous for her silver bullet packaging makeup range which gives a real modern and astronaut feel.  Thanks to my sister @forksandbrushes who generously gave me the mascara from a special summer beauty gift box that she bought from Selfridges.  It's my first product tried by Ellis Faas.  For  £20 it isn't the most expensive mascara of all amongst the high end range and after using up the whole tube, I think it's definitely worth the price tag.  The wand is a tapered brush and leans towards on the small size compared to other mascaras I have tried.  Like in the description on the website, it's got a creamy texture so it's kind of wet when I first got it and started using it.  But it doesn't bother me as I tend to get rid of some of the excess product before applying on my lashes.  I really like the size of the wand as it suits my eye shape - I don't have particularly big eyes and  my lashes are very short, so the relatively smaller sized wand helps to apply the products onto my lashes really accurately.  It does separate individual lashes so it opens up my eyes really well.  Although I don't find the mascara lengthens my lashes rather it volumises and bulks up my lashes.  This is why I said it's a great combo with the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara (one that lengthens, curls; and the other volumises and bulk things up!).  This mascara also smudge on me a little half way through the day, not badly so it's acceptable.  Would I repurchase and recommend it to others?  Yes I would!

I'm such a nail polishes addict, too so I do go through some of the top/ base coats fairly quickly.  I talked about my discovery of the Cyber Color range in Sasa.  I'm already on my second bottle of the ECO High Gloss Top Coat.  If you want a more detailed review of this good stuff, you can check out here.

Ironically I seem to be consuming hand cream a lot quicker since relocating to Hong Kong.  When I used to live in London, people often say that the air is drier there and I must use up a lot hand cream but the reality is a complete opposite story.  Anyway,  I have never tried any hand cream by Crabtree & Evelyn.  I feel that this brand doesn't get talked about as much as L'Occitane.  Hand Cream Therapy, Iris has been a firmed favourite of my handbag in the past month.  It has a nice scent of Iris (I assume it's this scent as I don't actually know what Iris should smell like!).  It's not too overpowering but it does linger on my hands for a little while which ticks my box!  Then moving onto the texture itself, it's definitely got a creamy texture and slightly on the thicker side of a hand cream but it gets absorbed incredibly quickly hence it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy at all..  It's very moisturising especially on the cuticles and on my nails I feel - it lives up to the name of the product - Hand Cream Therapy.  I would definitely repurchase and recommend this hand cream to people if you haven't tried it before.

What have you emptied this month?  Have you tried any of the above products before?

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