Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My eyelashes routine

I absolutely admire people who have naturally full lashes, by full I mean - long, curly and bushy!  I, on the other hand; have a set of completely opposite eyelashes described above.  Mine is - short, straight and sparse.  

Recently I have been taking a lot more care to my eyelashes and am glad to report that, a 4-step approach seems to be working for me.

  • A heated eyelash curler: it's a great tool to use before I curl my lashes using an eyelash curler.  The heat applied to the lashes make them a little stronger which then makes the curling process next, a lot easier and more effective.  If you want to skip this step, all you need to do is to warm up your eyelash curler using a hair drier, the result is almost as good as using a heated eyelash curler.  Cautious though - don't overheat your eyelash curler you don't want to hurt your own eyes!
  • A good eyelash curler is a must.  Curling those much needed lashes are key to lashy lashes.  Recently I replaced my Shu Uemura to a Japanese brand called Koji.  I found that Japanese brand eyelash curlers really do work better for eyes like mine.  They understand the shape of our eyes a lot better and the shape of the curler seem to like the eyes a little bit more.  I must say it takes a few practise before I don't end up in so much tears changing to this one by Koji but I found that it actually works better than my Shu Uemura one.

After heating, squeezing, clipping and curling your eyelashes, if you are still alive; I applaud you!  Onto the application of some mascaras.

  • I've recently started using a lash maximiser by a Japanese brand called Kate (owned by Kanebo).  On the brush itself it looks white but once applied onto the lashes, they become transparent.  It is the first coat of mascara that I wear, as a base.  It contains some fibre which meant to help lashes to appear more voluminous, longer and fuller.  For me, I found that my lashes are a bit more separate, more curled up and a little longer when applied this.  My lashes also feel a little bit more stronger so I guess it helps to hold the curl and the length better.
Then I always wear two types of mascaras - one for the length, one for the volume.

My key to lashy lashes are that preparations are keys, and of course it might take you a few products until you know what suits your lashes best.  Good luck!

What's your eyelashes routine?  What products do you use to result in voluminous and curly eyelashes?

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