Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bare nails interval - Nail Detox Essentials

I'm currently on a nail-detox plan and am on my 4th day.  I haven't planned on to ban myself from applying any coloured nail polishes yet, I guess I'll work on a trial-basis observing period until I'm satisfied with the condition of my nails.

I'm telling you it's hard!  It's not easy to not paint my nails with some sorts of colours even if it's a nude shade.  My nails have signs of growing yellow  which looks really horrible to my eyes..... I had to finally go on a nail-detox.

However, I didn't just leave my nails unattended and wishing that it would turn healthy again.  I have actually taken some assertive steps to nurture and nourish them.  

Here are the products I have been using:

  • A 4-way nail buffer.  This is such a great tool to use at home which makes the nail of my surface, any dry cuticles, and ridges smoothened out, as well as gaining the shine that my nails desperately need.
  • Invest in a glass nail file.  OK, they can be a little bit pricier than your disposable ones but glass nail files can last you for ages.  This one I got from when I travelled to Prague.  How do you file your nails?  Square or Round?
  • I have very dry cuticles, sometimes they become crispy!  Sorry, TMI as it does sound a bit gross!  My Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover has been a great companion when it comes to removing those annoying cuticles bits.  With the help of a plastic cuticle push back stick, thank god, as long as I take care of my nails; the cuticle situation is a bit more under control now.
  • After sorting out the annoying cuticles, I needed to reach for my nail clipper which I use carefully to cut off any excess dead skin bits.
  • Revlon Nail Brightener use the remedy that I prescribed myself at the beginning of this nail detox plan.  It's a milky nail polish that sets transparent on my nails, if you look carefully, it's got finely milled pearly bits that run through the polish.  Whilst it helps to brighten the nails and prevents them from turning even more yellow, it's actually nice to wear on the nails making them looking a bit more presentable.  I noticed that this stuff doesn't 'cover up' the yellowness in the nails as there are times I can still see the yellow rather visibly on my nails.  However it seems to be doing something to cure them.  Another great thing about this is that it doesn't take long to dry at all, 5 mins max!
  • Finally, I apply some caring nail oil to my cuticles to give them extra moisture.
Have you ever been on a nail-detox plan before?  What do you use to keep your nails healthy?

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