Sunday, 2 February 2014

The weirdest body wash

I'm not someone who is willing to spend a fortune on body products especially body wash. So, when I finished my last one, I decided to continue with the budget buy on body products theme and had a nose round Fusion by Park 'N' Shop, a local Hong Kong supermarket. I love Fusion, it stocks up on a ton of Waitrose stuff, and a few stuff from Superdrug! It reminds me of home.

In Hong Kong, it's not difficult to find something black or green in colours - what I actually try to say is, say in any Bakery Shops, you can easily find a green or black buns on the rack - the green ones are normally green tea flavour and the black ones are either charcoal baked or black sesame flavours.  Weird?  Nope!  It's interesting and yet a norm in Hong Kong, I noticed.

This Charcoal Essence Deep Cleanse Refreshing Body Wash caught my eyes immediately despite sitting amongst all the other hundreds of body washes products on the shelves.   As I glanced through the ingredients list, it says this body wash contains charcoal essence, hence the black coloured product.

It's pretty bizarre really the first time when I pumped this good stuff out - it really is a thick black creamy textured body wash.  It is not fragranced, rather it smells of a cleaning product, bizarre again! To the best of my knowledge, charcoal has a function of deep cleanse - a bit similar to a black mud mask if you think about it.

However, it doesn't feel as if it's too strong for me skin but rather, I felt that my skin is being deeply cleansed and I feel nice and fresh afterwards.  It doesn't dry my skin out and it's pretty hydrating, too!

Another close-up to this bizarre looking black creamy product!

Charcoal Essence Deep Cleansing Body Wash HK$29.99 for 800ml available from Fusion by Park 'N' Shop.

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