Monday, 23 December 2013

The White Shade in Nail Polish

White nail polish equals to painting Tipex/ Correction fluid to your nails?

This is what I thought in the past, and when white nail polish was at its hottest trend back in the summer; I refused to give it a go.

A few months down the line, I caved in and went into Sasa; and realised my hands were helping themselves to the Sinful Color Nail Polish stand...... and the rest is history....

I don't think I can yet wear white nail polish on all ten of my nails, but as the best nail art buddy, white nail polish has got my vote big times!

Look how much fun I've had with them, creating my own unique nail art pattern!

Are you a fan of white nail polish?  Perhaps you can pick one up and create your own festive nails?

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