Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekend Special #1: Anna Sui Surprise

Shopping around Apita, previously known as UNY (a Japanese Department Store in Hong Kong, a bit like House of Fraser; but Apita also has an impressive supermarket selling mainly Japanese food); is one of my favourite things to do at the weekends since relocating to Hong  Kong.

Today was no exception. After lunch, Mr H and I went wandering around Apita and suddenly I stumbled into this small but compact section, which is packed full of Japanese magazines.

It's an area inside Apita which I don't normally go into but today was different!

I was greeted by a mountain of Japanese magazines, with a trick. Many of these magazines come with free gifts, mainly handbags and cosmetic bags!

Before seeing these I knew already lots of Japanese magazines come with impressive freebies but this was the first time I browsed each of them with care, I looked at every single one of the free gifts .

Suddenly, I saw a black and purple coloured magazine which attracted my eye sight, it was an Anna Sui magazine!

With this magazine, you get a cosmetic bag! As a fan of Anna Sui's, I knew I had to get it despite I already have a vast makeup bag collection! 

As I unwrapped the A4 size box, it felt like Christmas has come early (only 11 days to go)!  Wow, in front of my very eyes was this black colour with purple embroidery prints design makeup and wash bag.  It's a lot bigger (W270 x H210 x D40mm) than I think but I think it would be perfect to hold both cosmetics stuff and skincare essentials, this would be perfect for organisation beauty freaks!

I love it as well that it also has a detachable smaller pouch to put bits and pieces.  You can definitely use it as part of this cosmetic bag but I might use it as a separate makeup bag elsewhere.  Even though this makeup bag was first launched as part of the Spring Collection 2012, I didn't think twice about it's an item which was first available more than a year ago.  I rather like Anna Sui stuff and normally her accessories do come with a high price tag.  So when this appeared in front of my eyes, I couldn't let it go....

The magazine that comes with also looks very interesting.  It has all the Anna Sui stuff from beauty, to clothing, handbags, to umbrellas.

I cannot wait to have a proper study of the magazine, and a suitable occasion when I can use this beautiful makeup bag.

Anna Sui Spring Collection 2012 Magazine HK$158/ £12


  1. Since moving to the UK, I am always surprised to find deluxe samples of makeup/skincare with magazines. Since this Anna Sui makeup bag was from a LE collection, I imagine the quality must also be on par!

  2. What kind of free gifts did you use to get with magazine back home?