Saturday, 21 December 2013

The packaging did it for me!

Here on beautyorbread, I often talk about if I like a product or not based on how it performs, whether it works or not. It all sounds very mechanics at times. However, sometimes I'm not at all a sensible shopper. The impulsive me inside always jump out of nowhere telling me to buy because of how good something looks. 

Today's post is all about the packaging, and it's all because of the looks that did just it for me.

Are you also a sucker for beautiful packaging?

I've heard people said that if you don't like Tom Ford's lipstick, you have no hearts. I wouldn't go as far as that but my god, it really was just because of the white and gold bullet that drew me into grabbing one of these Tom Ford lipstick. 

It is a nudy brown shade with fine golden shimmer runs through the bullet. The shade actually doesn't flatter my skin tone at all so I haven't used it that often. The funny thing is on party night out, I would actually bring this with me as an extra lipstick, and would actually take this out from my clutch and pretend to apply this on my lips, well, lightly dabbing it on my lips. It is just because of the packaging. Sad but it's lovely and I couldn't resist, and who cares!

Then I remember one Sunday afternoon, I was reading a few blogs that I would. I saw a gorgeous deep blue back cap engraved with two shiny silver letters: C D. There, I told myself I had to run down to Selfridges and own that little pot or something on that very day. 

This  Dior Cream Blush is in a glass pot so it's slightly on the heavier side. Not entirely travel friendly but completely satisfying when put on dressing table. Of course I haven't just let it sitting on the dressing table, I used it and it has been well loved. It looks a really scary bright pink on the pot but surprisingly easy to blend on the cheeks. 

Folks in London familiar with the brand Jill Stuart? Clothing may be but she's got a whole range of makeup and skincare bits going on. All, and I do mean all; are designed in these beautiful princess packages. That makes her shops a very special one to visit. 

It's called the Mix Blush Compact N, and I have it in the colour #04 Candy Orange.  At the time when I needed this in my life I was all over coral.  The combination of the 2 coral shades together with some pinks made it the perfect blushers for me.  The adjustable little cheek brush that came with the blush compact made me felt like a little pretty princess holding this.  However, I'm disappinted by the colour pay off, it's a bit sketchy and the quality of the brush is not soft....... nice packaging but poor quality for this.... I've tried JS' eye shadow quad which was amazing and I managed to use them all up.  I'm hoping that the next product I try would be a nice one!

I have written a whole blogpost about Burberry Nail Polish, you can remind yourself by clicking here.

I used to be a Burberry clothing and accessories kind of girl.  I liked how English their clothings were and how sleek and simple the designs were.  Time went by and I fell out of love with B, as I found their design, to be more precise the Burberry trademark - the check pattern a little bit all over the place, too overwhelming.  However, I think that Burberry beauty products are a total killer - sleek and high end.  This nail polish in the shade of stone No. 104 is the first Burberry beauty product that I own.  I love how petite this little bottle of nail polish is, and how elegant the cap comes in.  A simple BURBERRY wording printed at the bottom end of the bottle has perfectly put their marks on it.   The quality of the nail polish also didn't disappoint - thick and gel like.  I must try other Burberry beauty products, soon.

What about you?  Are you a follower of beauty packaging?  Do you just buy something because of how good they look?  Or are you a bit of a realistic, you'd prefer to buy something that performs and don't mind how it looks?

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