Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Crimbo, love from beautyorbread in Hong Kong

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Christmas in Hong Kong is different, it's very commercialised. I know what you may be saying, as that's how it seems these days in most parts in the world.

Trust me, it's all revolved around materials and expensive gifts approaching the Christmas period! This year, perhaps it's the not-so-cold weather; my anticipation to Christmas is fairly weak. The feeling has only grown a little stronger since last week!

The shopping complex that is very close to my home has some pretty impressive Christmas set-up which I want to share with you all here.

During this exciting period of time, there are also these really amazing cute little sets of confectionary for children.

No matter what you are doing today and where you will be; have a lovely Christmas!

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