Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I don't blame ya if you were already planning on what to do next weekend! Perhaps today's post (wow it's my first ever food-related post, too!) can give you a little inspiration.

It was a Sunday, I woke up wanting pancakes, American style preferably. To think pancakes are such common food types, it's actually not the easiest find to "eat" in restaurants in London.

A quick search of "pancakes in London" on Google wasn't all that helpful. The Breakfast Club came up as I expected. Honestly I'm not the biggest fan there (perhaps it's to do with the "age" thing.... "Cringe").

Nevertheless I said to Mr Holiday, "OK let's try to see what the queue was like at The Breakfast Club...."

It was horrendous when we got to BC in Soho, I would have stupid counting the number of people in the queue; I would be there until dinner time. 

So we kept walking and suddenly I saw IMIL STREET and I remembered having dinner here once, they serve street style Indian food and it was "OK" but when I saw it had a "Weekend Brunch" sign, I was intrigued. Then we saw people eating some lovely looking food by the window seats, I took a closer look to the menu, I found "Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup"! Without me realizing it, we were seated inside the restaurant. 

It's much more "peaceful" and "tranquil" here. There's a great vibe inside, people were enjoyable their brunches, the staffing team was chilled.  Even though I knew what I wanted to order, I still took a closer look at the menu, it's an extensive one with a mixture of standard full English, to American pancakes, and some of IMIL specialties, breakfast with an Indian touch. 

We've ordered a Pancake with bacon and maple syrup, an Egg Benedict; and Masala Chai with Milk. 

The food came and I was impressed! I was offered extra maple syrup immediately had I happily said, "yes please!". I don't know how the Egg Benedict tasted but Mr Holiday enjoyed it.

I loved my pancakes, there were 3 and sandwiched in between were a generous helping of bacons. Pancakes were light and fluffy, bacons were grilled to perfection, together with my overindulgence in maple syrup; it was food made in heaven!

We have enjoyed every biteful of it, the Masala Tea tasted just right too! All in all a very surprising find in try middle of Soho area. I would give 5* for both the food and ambience of the restaurant and its service. The only down side is that Weekend Brunch at IMIL STREET is only available at weekends from 9am to 1pm. For leisurely people who want to brunch on weekdays, sadly this isn't an option.

Next time if you run out of ideas on brunch and wanted a quiet place, do give IMIL STREET a try!

Where to find IMIL STREET?
167-169 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WR
Tel: 020 7287 4243

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