Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I found that I'm never satisfied with the way  my makeup is stored.  I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve it, and new storage bits to add to.  Last week when I was in IMATS, I saw this Cosmetic Organiser (£8) I knew I had to snap it up, as I have been looking for one like this for ages.  You can also get an identical one here.

I'm storing my makeup stash slightly differently as I'm spending time away from 'home', so my makeup collection has greatly reduced.  This cosmetic organiser seems to work perfect for me at the moment but I'm sure I will keep this forever for my makeup to display nicely.

I especially like that fact that I can choose up to 12 lipsticks on display at one time, which is what I have at the moment (hard to believe I am only carrying with me 12 lipsticks and left my others behind....)  In other compartments, I decided to put my base products that I'm using or reaching for on a regular basis.  I also put eye primers, mascaras, eyebrow pencils and other tube-shaped products on this organiser.  

I keep the rest of my eyes and cheek products in another tray.  It works for me I feel.  I like the acrylic material as it keeps everything look chic and goes with any design you may have in your room.

What system do you use to keep your makeup neat and tidy?  Do you use something similar to this?

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