Thursday, 5 June 2014


How often do you take that nail clipper out and start to clip your long nails away?  Are you a fussy person when it comes to choosing the perfect nail clipper?  Or are you one that just grabs any old clipper from your mom or sister's vanity cabinet?  *Stylefile Mini S-Clipper (£7.49) might be the next best nail clipper you can invest in.

Invented by Tom Pellereau, The winner of The Apprentice 2011.  After his success on his first invention (also seen on TV when he took part in The Apprentice 2011), the S-file; he launched the Mini S-Clipper to solve even more problems for us!

The idea of this S-Clipper is that it doesn't 'ping' any nails that are clipped out 100 miles away!  So instead of targeting your nail clipping actions into a rubbish bin, you can sit back and relax a smooth nails cutting experience.

The design of the mini S-Clipper is slick and handy, it is made of surgical steel so it gives a really reliable feel to the product.  

The curve of the clipper at the back makes holding it a dream.  I opted for the mini size one as I feel that it can be used both at home or when I'm travelling.  The size isn't too small you can't clip your nails impractically.

The Mini S-Clipper is also meant to be strong enough to clip all sorts of nails: human nails and acrylic nails which is so handy for us girls when we need to trim those fake nails.

If you look closely to the 'clipper' part, it's got an 'uneven' close end (curved blade) which is something I have never seen before.  Basically, you aim the wider side onto the nails then you can start clipping away.  The curve of the clipper part also allows you to follow the curve of your nails naturally.  Unlike other clippers which offer a one-dimension curve and you almost need to move your fingers round it for the job to be done.  With the S-clipper, all you need to do is to aim the clipper part to your nails, then it feels as if it's almost an automatic motion to make your nails looking neat and tidy.

You might find that the first time using this a little tricky, I must say so myself but once you get the hang of it; it's incredibly fun and you will see the benefit of it yourself.

You can click here for a detailed and fun demonstration by Tom himself.

Stylefile Mini S-Clipper is available online at Sainsbury's,, and healthpharm.  Or you can get it in-store from Sainsbury's.

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