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Having become familiarised with myself on Youtube land, especially in the beauty channels department for the past 2 years, it's become a bit of daily routine of mine to have an overview of what's to watch.  I still get very excited whenever there are new videos uploaded, waiting for me to watch.

Here, I want to share with you all a handful of my favourite Beauty Youtubers, and Bloggers that I watch and read religiously.

Amanda Muse

She's a mom of two, Canadian girl who's moved to Malaysia 2-3 years ago with her husband.  I used to like watching her beauty related videos (she still makes that) as she's absolutely beautiful to watch (fresh and glowing face all the time), and she has her own take on beauty products and doesn't always follow the crowd.  Ever since I fell pregnant, I have become even more of a fan of her videos, especially her pregnancy vlogs.  When she had her baby #2, she started vlogging weekly of how her pregnancy went, and giving tips on her own pregnancy.  I like that she has such an approachable attitudes to life in general, and I can relate to her so much.

Where to find her?
Instagram - amandamuse
Twitter - @museamanda 

Essie Button

Another Canadian girl who's moved away from home, to London for love (her boyfriend Aslan).  Essie's beauty videos on Youtube is fun to watch, she's hilarious and absolutely passionate about makeup.  I especially like her vlogs - I feel like I know her already (and was lucky enough to bump into her not long ago, and appeared in her vlog: Amazing View of London #VLUNE 1!  I was on from 13.47min for a few seconds.)

What I like about her vlogs?  I like the fact that she's so open about sharing her personal life with us, I like to see where she's up to, especially eating places and how she spends on days, weekdays and weekends.  She also maintains a pretty beauty blog, too!

Where to find her?
Youtube: (beauty videos)/ (vlogs)
Twitter: @essiebutton
Instagram: essiebutton


I found out about Vivianna from Lily Pebbles.  I like Vivianna's sense of humour when making beauty videos.  She always gives the most honest opinion on beauty products which is music to viewers' ears.  I like that she has her own take on makeup, she doesn't over do it or follow others blindly.

Recently she started making more food related videos which is cool as it shows a different side of talents from her!

Where to find Vivianna?
Twitter: @ViviannaMakeup
Instagram: viviannamakeup

Lily Pebbles

How can I not mention Lilypebbles (used to call WhatIHeartToday) when I have just expressed my favouritism to Vivianna?  Both of them have been working closely from the start on Youtube lands, and even more regularly now.  I like them separately but I think I like them even more when they are making videos together.

I really like Lily and have met her in person.  She is such a geniue girl who steals my heart from the beginning.  I think that she's done so well on both Youtube lands and the bloggersphere.  You can tell she's a real hard-worker.  She seems to knowledgeable about all things makeup related, and it shows on both her beauty videos and blogs.  I like to hear what she says about beauty products that she's tried before I go out an try it, most of the time I agree with what she says.

Where to find Lily?
Instagram: lilypebbles
Twitter: @lilypebbes

Lisa Eldridge

The queen/goddess of makeup worldwide!  Lisa Eldridge is my bible in makeup.  Her videos are definitely not one-hit-wonder.  They would never go out of fashion but whenever I needed to refresh my mind on a particular area in makeup, I would do a quick search then I can bury myself into them again and again.

Lisa also has a blog but I much prefer to see her in actions.  She always makes applying makeup the easiest thing in the world, well I don't blame her for that cos that's what she does professionally!

Where to find Lisa?
Instagram: lisaeldridgemakeup
Twitter: @Lisa_Eldridge

Wendy's Lookbook (Wendy Nguyen)

Wendy is an American Vietnamese fashion blogger who is based in the US.  She makes amazing fashion videos on youtube regularly.  All of her videos are made with style, artistic value and with tons of creativity.  Her video - A Shoe Adventure is especially stunning!  Her recent routine videos cover a lot on 'pairings', such as how to pair skinny jeans, trench coats, high-low skirts, etc.

She also keeps a blog as well which has all the pretty pictures on how she creates different looks.  She looks so chic all the time and really stylish!

Where to find Wendy?
Instagram: wendyslookbook
Twitter: @wendynguyen

Style Scrapbook (Andy Torres)

Mexican born, Amsterdam based fashion blogger.  I have been following her on youtube for quite a few years.  I loved her early styling videos, although she doesn't make them as often now.  I follow her on her blog - Style Scrapbook instead.

She's a real stylish girl, who loves hughstreet fashion, especially Zara and H&M which is great as it's so much easier to take ideas from her outfits.  Her pictures on her blog are absolutely stunning, she can basically pull any style off effortlessly and I wish I could be like her!

Where to find Andy?
Twitter: @stylescrapbook
Instagram: stylescrapbook

Who's your favourite bloggers/ Youtubers?

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