Monday, 2 June 2014


When a product gets mentioned, it is either very good or it is disappointing.  Kiko Precision Eye Pencil  has become a controversial staple product for me and my sister (@forksandbrushes) recently.

Kiko is an Italian makeup and skincare brand that I have fallen in love with since last year.  The super affordable prices and the quality of their products are fantastic.  This eye pencil has received good repertoire on BorB, you can click here, here and here for further details.

This brand new eye pencil is my repurchased product - it's quite an achievement to finish a whole eyeliner pencil!  This one in particular is great - it didn't use to smudge, it's soft and very easy to glide on the eyelines, it doesn't require much sharpening so it's a real bargain at £4.20.

However, recently when my sister and I exchanged what's in our makeup collection, we both realised that something has changed with our Kiko Precision Eye Pencil.  They smudged on both on us!  This has occurred continuously for over a month's of time.

Since last month, I ditched the use of mascara and only used this eye pencil but realised that within 2 hours of wearing, panda eyes were formed clearly.  At first I blamed it on the humid weather in Hong Kong (I was still there last month), and that I didn't wear eye primer (which I don't normally need).  So I experimented it with wearing eye primer before I wore the eyeliner but it seemed didn't solve the problem.

Ever since I came back to London, I also tried again as the weather is drastically different here, a lot drier and cooler.  The same result is seen.  I have dry skin and my makeup stays on pretty well throughout the day, especially my eye makeup.  Whilst my sister has oily skin and her eyelids are particularly oily.  What wasn't an issue for her, smudging; has now become a problem for both of us (different skin types).

I wondered what happened?  Has the formula changed for this?  Or have our skin qualities changed and reflected on the result of using this eye pencil?

Has any of you noticed the different?  If so, please let either me or my sister knows!

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