Wednesday, 29 October 2014


If there is one makeup item I cannot live without, I'll most likely to say it is eye liners. It enlarges, awakens and frames my eyes. 

A bit of background about my eyelids, most makeup stays on amazingly well on my eyes after 8+ hours into wearing.  I never needed to wear an eye primer but until about half a year ago I found that some eyeliners would smudge on me even with the application of eye primer.  Liners that wouldn't budge on me in the past would suddenly give me panda eyes so apart from starting to wear eye primers religiously, I have also been testing more eyeliner products more extensively.

I came across with this Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Liner from my sister's (@forksandbrushes) makeup stash.  I have never owned anything by Too Faced as I often found their products a little too over priced.  As this eyeliners (kind of) landed on my makeup collection for free, I thought what a great opportunity to give it a proper try out!

It's an extremely creamy and soft pencil nip, and appears very black as drawn on the eyes.  You can create a thinner eyeliner but this is more suitable when you don't mind wearing a thicker eyeliner as this is what this eyeliner pencil would give the result of.  However, as the nip is so creamy, it glides onto the liners ever so smoothly and easily.  One stroke can give you a perfect liner and it's very very black.  It says waterproof and it means business.  I can easily wear makeup for more than 6 hours, and on other occasions I have worn this eyeliner for over 8 hours and it wouldn't move anywhere.  It sets like as if I have tattooed (not advisable to have tattooed eyeliners, girls!) my eyeliners.  It's survived through some very hot days in London!  It's truly impressive stuff.

Are you an eyeliner fan like me?  Have you tried the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Liner?  You should give it a try!

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