Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I'm sure you will know by now I love trying out different makeup removers (cream, micellar water based, oil and water, oil form).  The quicker, effective and the cheaper they are able to remove makeup, the better; of course.

I wanted to recommend a product I absolutely loved, after just using it once.

Rimmel Just Let It Go Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is not your usual choice of makeup remover but I've heard Viviannadoesmakeup raved about it for a couple of times in the past so I was intrigued and decided to give it a try.

A few drops of this liquidy (micellar water form) makeup remover on each cotton pad, covered my eyes and gently wiggle and apply the mildest form of pressure onto the eyes for about 30 seconds, voila, I'd say at least 90% of my eye makeup (including smudge and waterproof mascara) had been removed.

I was really impressed - I've never really used a non-oil form of makeup remover that's able to remove so much eye makeup in such a short space of time.  The solution is so gentle, too.  It didn't cause any irritation to my eyeballs at all, and it feels like just water on my skin.

Oh Rimmel, how I love your products; you seldom let me down!  For £3.59, it is an absolutely fabulously purse friendly and effective makeup remover that you can ever wish for.

Have you tried this before?  Do you have other budget friendly makeup remover that you can recommend?

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