Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Pale/ Fair skin girls, I have a couple of skin complexion glowing products I wanted to share with you!  

On a lazy kind of day, when minimal makeup is the priority; I would opt for the Baby Skin Pink Transformer as an all over the face base to brighten up the complexion to give it a glowing preparation.  It has got a very subtle hint of pinkness in the product and you can't over do it ever.  On a good skin day, I can completely get away with just applying this as a base, it also has SPF35 so it's a fantastic product for summer days when less makeup means more.  It's not oily at all, I have dry skin and I found it equally moisturising and it doesn't feel heavy at all.  It's ideal as a base before any foundation is applied.

A recent high end investment into a product that reminded me of the Baby Skin Pink Transformer is Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere Anti-Aging Illuminator (in Luster).   It's a much more intensely pigmented multi-purpose brightening product that can be used as a liquid cheek highlighter, mixed with skincare or foundation applied all over the face.  I'd much prefer using it as a cheek highlighter as it does have that illuminator effect to highlight the apple of my cheeks.  You only need the tiniest drop and I tend to buff it in with a real technique's stippling brush.  I've tried mixing it with foundation or a primer and applied it all over the face but I found it a little too shimmery, and a little too pink and almost turned into a bronzy finish which I found myself looking a little weird.

Are you into pink-toned brightening products?  Are these you have tried?

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