Saturday, 20 February 2016


As I'm typing this, I'm sitting up, holding my 16 months old whilst he's sleeping. I hope that it doesn't stay like this for the rest of the night but if it means he can have a better night of sleep (as a result fully rested and recover sooner) it's ok for me to do this.

I hope you don't mind me writing mommy related stuff here on my beauty blog.

It could be the flu viruses or the nasty germs from other kiddie's saliva shared in a playroom but Lear has fallen sick 3 times in the past 2 months.

One thing that I realised is that when they get sick they get sick really quickly and it gets worse quite badly too. But it does take them quite quickly as well to recover- amazing. 

But it isn't amazing when they have a fever overnight, I really hate that. We always have some sorts of baby panadol/ Calpol (if you are based in the UK) at home. It's the high temperature in kids you want to bring down first before anything. I made mistakes in the past to keep Lear too warm when he has a fever but I've learnt to put just one layer on him and try to keep air flowing and a relatively cooler room temperature even if it's quite cold outside. You don't want to trap heat inside them.

Fever usually comes and goes for about 3 days, from our experience. In Hong Kong it's the commonest thing to take kids to see a doctor once they are ill. I have tried not pressing the alarm bell every time when Lear is sick. I feel that he can fight against the viruses sometimes but if I get worried I make sure we bring him to the doctor ASAP.

Lear is used to going out and he loves that. So when he's ill we try our best to keep him home. 

It used to be a challenging thought to think I need to keep this active guy at home for more than 2 hours. But in fact when he's really unwell, he usually takes longer and more frequent naps. It's the time when I also take a rest too. Sometimes when kiddies are ill it means mommies are on extra duty but it can also mean that the outgoing little people just want to stay home and you might well take the opportunity to rest and take things easily. 

I used to get all upset and frustrated when Lear lost his appetite when he's sick- I get too worried. But think of when you are unwell you just don't want to eat and you feel ok. When you are well again your appetite will slowly build up again. Same goes to little people like Lear. Try not to get too bogged down by the fact that your big eater baby refused every single food you offer to him. Try to keep them hydrated though- by offering them water and milk little bit often. It's easier for them to digest milk then solids, but that is if they do enjoy their milk. I find bread and banana are also some good options too.

They usually take 3-5 days to fully recover back to little monsters again. Afterall, a little virus or germs won't do them too much harm.


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