Wednesday, 28 October 2015


If you have missed my morning skincare routine, you can click here to have a quick look.

Not only do I keep my morning skincare routine simple, I also keep my night time skincare routine as efficient as possible.  I believe that as long as the products work to what you want to target your skin to improve the conditions, there isn't the need to use tons and tons of products.

The thing that troubles me the most in terms of my skin is the darkening of my freckles on my cheeks.  Having been through the summer in Hong Kong - the extreme heat and sunlight are the worst combo ever for skins.  No matter how much SPFs I have used, or how much I tried to avoid the sun, it doesn't seem to have worked.  So I needed something that can help those freckles to fade its colour a bit - I love my freckles but when the colours are getting darker, it's not a good look.

The Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (strongly recommended by my sister @forksandbrushes, if you want to see a review by her, please click here.) has become my recent skincare favourite.  I am starting to notice a difference about a month into using this and I only use this at night time, as I use another dark spot correcting product by Nivea in the morning.  I noticed that the dark spots on my face is definitely fading.  It's a light weight milky-gel texture cream which is so easily absorbed by my skin and doesn't leave any greasy feeling to my skin which is so important to me when it comes to a good skincare product.  I only apply this in the area that I want to target at.

Then I would just finish off my routine by applying a thin layer of Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence.  It's a serum oil and I found it rich but light weight, which is why I actually don't bother putting any other products on afterwards.  I find that by reducing the number of products used on my face, my skin is not overwhelmed or overloaded and they feel much more refreshed the next day.

Are you a lazy kind of gal whom like to keep your skincare routine nice and simple?

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