Monday, 17 November 2014

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2014

This year, I've decided to make Christmas a special one, therefore I've spoiled myself by buying Liberty's Beauty Advent Calendar 2014!

I've never owned one myself, not even a chocolatey one. So this one I bought is hugely exciting!

From 1 Dec, I'm going to be blogging everyday (woo very brave of me I think!) by opening one of these drawers then sharing with you what is inside!

If you are still shopping around for a special Advent Calendar for this year, you may be interested in getting this!

Have you ever owned an advent calendar before? 

I'm getting excited for Christmas!


  1. I'm looking forward to your daily unveiling! I am still debating whether to pick up an advent calendar this year. Congratulations on being a mother now!

    1. You should! It's a rather exciting thing to purchase, and a very special one, too. Counting down towards christmas has never been that exciting!