Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I am quite a lip balm kind of gal, simply because of my dry lips situation.

Recently I have tried a few more and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on each of them.

When the Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm came to the market, I was rather excited and was intrigued by the argan oil part, also it's been reinforced by Fleur de Force so that's put a 'confidence stamp' on this product, why wouldn't I try it?  The cheapest of all that came at £4, I wouldn't differentiate this from the good old vaseline.  The scent is a florally sweet flavour which is quite refreshing rather than an intense sweetness, but the product sits on the surface of the lips rather than 'penetrates' and gives the lips proper moisture.  The product isn't very lasting either so I'm needed to top it up quite often which can be a bit of a pain.  If you are looking for a purse friendly mediocre lip balm, this one works just fine but wouldn't transform any chapped lips situations.

Next up is by lanolips - Lemonaid Lip Aid with Lemon Oil (£9.18), a waste not want not product given by my sister @forksandbrushes.   She didn't quite get on with it so I wasn't expecting high when I tried it.  But, I loved it.  I think that the texture of it is just right, it doesn't just sit on the surface of my lips it offers a lip-mask effect.  I like to apply this quite thick on my lips just before I go to bed, in the morning when I wake up; I can definitely feel and see a difference on my lips.  It worked really well especially when I was experiencing extremely chapped lips whilst I was pregnant.

The Rose Salve (£8.5) by C.O. Bigelow is a cult beauty product which I have always wanted to try.  I got this from my Beauty Advent Calendar by Liberty London.  Its rose scent is delicious and very fresh.  However it does feel like putting on vaseline, although it works slightly better in the giving and locking moisturisation department.  I think that if you don't mind spending a little bit more on a 'high end' version of a vaseline then do give this a go.....

The final lip balm I wanted to talk about is probably the most expensive lip balm I have ever tried.  The Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm (£32), which I got also from the Beauty Advent Calendar by Liberty London.  It's got a very thick texture, definitely not for everyday use or use before applying colour lip products.  This is more for an overnight lip treatment use.  It does work quite well as when I wake up the next morning, it seems to have smoothened out some of the really dry bits on my lips.  It also gives the lips a minty/ cooling sensation which feels really nice on the lips.  Would I pay for £32 to repurchase?  I probably wouldn't as it really is a bit dear to buy such lip balm but perhaps if you know someone who loves a bit of a high end product who also has dry lips, this is perhaps the perfect gift!

What other lip balms have you tried?  Have you tried any of these before?

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